Photo of the "Only Righteous Fights" speech collection.Photo of the "Only Righteous Fights" speech collection.

Throughout her presidential campaign, Elizabeth’s biggest speeches highlighted the legacies of persistent women in American history who imagined a more just future and built political and economic power for working people. Now, you can own a piece of that history with our beautiful collection of those speeches, “Only Righteous Fights.”Pre-order today

Lawrence, Massachusetts

New York, New York

Atlanta, Georgia

“Black history is American history. And American history teaches us that racism has for generations shaped every crucial aspect of our economic and political system.”

Boston, Massachusetts

“Imagination is powerful. It forces us to contemplate change in our lives — to begin to expect change.”

Los Angeles, California

“This is the fight we have been called to: The fight to save our democracy.”
A speech honoring immigrant and Latina-led labor movements | March 2, 2020 | Elizabeth Warren | In East LA