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How can I get involved with Warren for Senate?

Thanks for joining our team! Our top recommendation for getting involved is to join Elizabeth’s email list. We regularly send out information about important issues that Elizabeth is fighting for, ways to get involved, and events in your area.

You can also follow Elizabeth on Facebook or Twitter for more information on ways to help.

If you are looking for information about a job or internship in Elizabeth’s official Senate office in Washington, DC or Massachusetts, please visit her government website:


How can I make a donation?

Online: Visit our donation page to make a secure contribution online.

By Mail: You can contribute via mail by mailing a check made out to “Warren for Senate” to:

Warren for Senate

P.O. Box 171375

Boston, MA 02117

Please include your full name, address, employer and occupation information, phone number, and email address in the envelope.

How can I make a recurring (monthly) donation?

Recurring donors are a critical part of our team – giving us the ongoing support we need to keep fighting to level the playing field.

  • On is a Democratic Party fundraising website that many campaigns use to process donations. Millions of people have saved their payment information with ActBlue to make contributing to Democratic campaigns easy. To make a donation on, fill out the following form.

How do I change or cancel my recurring donation?

If your recurring donation was made through, look in your email for the receipt they send each month. Included in that email is a link to change the number of months remaining for the contribution or cancel it altogether. If you would like to change your credit card on file with ActBlue, please click here to log in on their website and edit your “Express Donor Profile” from the account settings in the top right corner.

If your recurring donation was not made through, please email [email protected] with your request to change or cancel your recurring donation and a member of Team Warren will be able to assist you.

I made a mistake on my contribution. How do I fix it?

If you made a mistake on a contribution or need to cancel, or if you have a different issue concerning a grassroots donation, please contact ActBlue’s customer support team at [email protected]. If you are interested in donating via check, you can find details on donating by mail here.

How much can I donate?

An individual may contribute a maximum of $3,300 per election (the primary and general are counted as separate elections). Please make sure you meet the FEC eligibility requirements before you complete your contribution.

Are your online donations secure?

Yes. Our contribution transactions use SSL encryption, and electronic interactions with payment gateways and other exchanges of sensitive constituent information are always encrypted.

I received a friend request from Elizabeth Warren on Facebook and she asked me for money. Is this real?

No, that’s a scam. Elizabeth has a public figure Facebook page that does not require friend requests for you to follow it. You will never receive a friend request from Elizabeth, and we will not use private Facebook messages to ask you for money. If you receive a friend request from an Elizabeth impersonator, please help out by reporting the profile – click the button on the top right corner of the page. Also please make sure to copy and save the full website address of the profile to make sure it gets shut down.

Other Inquiries

I would like to work for Senator Warren’s 2024 Senate campaign. How can I apply?

Please submit any job inquiries to [email protected] using the subject line “General inquiry - [Your Preferred Role].

I would like Elizabeth Warren to attend my conference/convention/forum/debate/event. Who do I contact?

Senator Warren's schedule is handled through the Senate office and all scheduling requests should be sent to [email protected]. Please include the following information in your request:

  • Your email

  • Your full name

  • Your phone number

  • Hosting organization or individual

  • Event date and time

  • Event location

  • Event description

I’d like a tour of the White House or Capitol Building during my trip to Washington, DC. Who do I contact?

All tour requests are handled through Elizabeth’s official Senate office. To learn more, visit

I need help with a government agency (Social Security, Veterans Affairs, immigration, etc). Who do I contact?

All agency help is handled through Elizabeth’s official Senate office. To learn more, visit

Where can I find a high-resolution headshot of Elizabeth?

Click here to view Elizabeth’s official headshot.

How can I unsubscribe from the email list?

We really hope you’ll stick with us to keep fighting for working families. But if you’d like to modify your email preferences – or unsubscribe entirely – please click here.

How can I unsubscribe from the text message list (24477)?

We do our best to only send the most important information straight to your phone. But if you’d like to unsubscribe, text STOP to 24477.

Why am I receiving text messages from volunteers for your team?

We do our best to let people know about important events and voter information in their area. As part of that effort, volunteers may contact people listed in the voter file in your state.  

I’m having technical problems with the website. Who do I contact?

Please email [email protected] to contact our team about technical problems.

Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Check our our Contact Us page.