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Your new favorite Pride shirt

Fun fact about Elizabeth Warren: She LOVES Pride Parades. The dancing, the music, the sunshine (we hope), and – most importantly – the huge, welcoming crowds affirming that love is love. Elizabeth is counting down the days until the Boston Pride Parade. And no matter where or how you’re celebrating, for yourself or the people … Continued

May Day

May Day is more than just a celebration of spring. It’s also International Workers’ Day – a chance to think about how we can make sure that hard work turns into fair pay and a fair opportunity for a decent life. The economy has been humming along nicely for people who are already at the … Continued

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Warren grew up in a family hanging on by their fingernails to their place in the middle class. As a law professor, she became one of the nation’s top experts on bankruptcy and the financial pressures facing working families.

After the 2008 financial crisis, Elizabeth fought to protect taxpayers and hold Wall Street accountable. She is widely credited with the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – a new agency to get the tricks and traps out mortgages, credit cards, and other financial products.

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I was just a kid when my daddy had a heart attack. I remember the night my mother said, “Betsy, we’re going to the hospital. You stay here. Eat your dinner.” By then my three big brothers had all grown up and moved out, so it was just me and my little dog, Missy. After he got out of the hospital, Daddy looked gray and tired. He was out of work for a long time. The bills just piled up. And then one day, I walked into my mother’s bedroom. Her face was red and puffy, and about a dozen wadded-up tissues were on the bedspread next to a black dress. It was my mother’s best dress – the one she wore to weddings and funerals. At first I was confused. I wondered if someone had died. She said, “We are not going to lose this house.” She squeezed into that dress, put on her lipstick and high heels, blew her nose and wiped her eyes, and walked to the Sears Roebuck down the street. At 50 years old, she got her first job outside the home answering the phones and taking catalog orders. My mother’s minimum wage job at Sears saved our home, and it saved our family. Today? A minimum wage job won’t keep a momma and baby out of poverty. When my mother put on that dress and walked out the front door, she taught me that mothers do whatever it takes to fight back. Where mothers and families end up in life today is more than just hard work and good fortune - policies matter too. That’s why I fight to honor my mother, on Mother’s Day and every day.

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