How to Text For Elizabeth Warren

“Peer-to-Peer” texting is a modern campaign staple. Sending texts is easy, and this toolkit makes it even easier!

Thank you so much for joining this fight. Elizabeth is proud to count you among her best supporters. Grassroots volunteers — people like you — are the backbone of this campaign and at the heart of why Elizabeth is running for president.

“Peer-to-Peer” texting is a modern campaign staple. It allows volunteers to have real person-to-person conversations with voters and Elizabeth supporters across the country about the issues that matter to them and grow this grassroots movement.

Sending texts is easy, and this toolkit makes it even easier! If you follow the steps in this toolkit, it should be a breeze.

Questions? Email [email protected] for help!


We use two tools to power our team:

  1. ThruText: The texting website (where the texting happens). ThruText is only available as a website; there is no app.
  2. Text Team for Warren Slack: A way of communicating with staff and other volunteers in real time, including asking questions or for help, and providing feedback. If you haven’t already, please join slack now!

Text Team Core Values

These are the values we will uphold as volunteers, representing Elizabeth Warren:

  1. Be kind, helpful, & respectful to our volunteer leaders, staff, other volunteers, voters, and fellow supporters.
  2. We respond to every voter - with validation, honesty, and we meet them where they’re at. We assume best intentions and hold generosity for everyone we communicate with.
  3. You may be the only interaction someone has with the campaign- make sure it’s positive. One conversation can have more of an impact than you may know.
  4. Communicate & ask for help in #text-team when you need it. Be patient in waiting for a response - our volunteer leaders and staff are working hard to ensure all your questions are answered.
  5. Be responsive to feedback from volunteer leaders and staff. We’re all here to help each other learn and grow (and to get Elizabeth elected of course)!
  6. When you request a batch follow through and send out all the messages. If you requested a batch and can no longer send out the messages let us know.
  7. We ask that you keep up with your replies for 48 hours, this means checking back in to see if you get new replies after you’re done sending new texts for the day.

Step 1

Getting Set-Up

  1. Register for our Slack Community - our virtual campaign office.
  2. Once you’ve joined the Slack community, and followed the instructions in the #new-texters channel, a Text Team Volunteer Leader will send you a direct message with the link to make your ThruText account and you’ll be ready to text!
  3. (Optional) If you want a more in depth training, sign up to attend a live training. We’ll send you a Zoom link approximately 1 hour before your live training begins.

Step 2

Managing Slack

Slack is the digital headquarters for our national texting team. Slack can be used in a web browser, but we recommend downloading the free desktop and/or mobile app. Our Dream Big, Fight Hard ‘workspace’ is where we share information, assign texts, answer questions, and grow this wonderful volunteer community. Keep an eye out for important messages from staff, these will often appear as @here or @channel messages!

Slack Emojis

Our Team uses emojis to delegate work between volunteer leaders and staff. When you ask a question or request texts, we will add emojis to your message to indicate we see it and are working on it.

  • ⭐= “I see this question/comment, and I am replying to it”
  • 👍= “I see your request and am working on it” - used for assigning batches of texts
  • ✔️= “I have completed this request” - finished assigning a batch of texts

Channel Descriptions

General channels for volunteers of any team:

  • #welcome - The first channel you see when you join the slack.
  • #announcements - Where to find important updates from Team Warren including texting hours for the week.
  • #praise-and-snaps - Channel to do shout-outs to volunteers and peers you appreciate. Shared with events and call team.
  • #nice-things - Channel to share great text replies. Shared with events and call team.
  • #fun-stuff - For everything that doesn’t fit in the above channel list.

Text Team Channels

  • #new-texters - The first stop as a new texting volunteer! Follow the instructions in this channel and a Text Team Volunteer Leader will send you a direct message with the link to make your ThruText account! Once you follow the instructions in here, you will be added to the following channels:
  • 🔒 #text-team - You’ll be added to this by a text leader! This is the place to ask questions while you are texting and where staff will share important updates and announcements with the team.
  • 🔒 #batch-requests - You’ll be added to this by a text leader! This is the place to request texts to send. If you see a 👍, a volunteer leader has seen your post, and when you see a ✔️ you have texts! Head to ThruText to send them. After you’re done sending out your initial messages and handled all replies, come back to this channel and ask for more.

Step 3

Starting Your Texting Assignment

After you read this guide and set up your ThruText account, follow these steps to send texts:

  1. Log-on to Slack to find out which Volunteer Leaders are online to answer questions You should tag them to ask questions! (First time using Slack? You can find some resources to get oriented here).
  2. Request a batch of texts in the #batch-requests channel. A volunteer leader will assign you texts shortly.
  3. Log on to ThruText (you’ll get this link once you join Slack)
  4. Click on your new assignment. It will say “New” in orange in the “Status” column on the left. Text for Warren, Photo 1
  5. Send out all 300 initial messages by clicking the ‘Send Button.’ Continue clicking ‘Send’ until you’ve gone through your list of conversations. If you don’t send out all of your initial messages within 30 minutes of receiving them, a volunteer leader will reassign them to someone else! (Pro-tip! You can use the enter bar to send your messages) Text for Warren, Photo 14
  6. After you’ve sent out your initial 300 messages and have cleared your inbox of all unread messages post in the #batch-request channel and the volunteer leaders will assign you more texts.

Step 4

Managing Replies

Once you’ve sent out all your initial messages, you can begin managing the replies you’ve received. Note: you must send out all of your initial messages before you can view your replies. Managing your replies has four components:


Every campaign will have one or more ‘Survey’ questions, which show up in a tab on the right-hand side of your ThruText screen. The Survey Questions are the data we want you to collect based on the conversation. For example, if we are inviting someone to an event, the first Survey Question might be ‘Event Attendee: Will Attend?’ If someone says yes, simply mark them down as a ‘Yes’ to that question.

Note: It is important to click back onto the Survey tab for every conversation to mark data. We recommend filling out the survey for each conversation first, and then choosing the best reply.

Text for Warren, Photo 5


Once you’ve recorded the survey responses, you need to send a reply. Use the ‘Replies’ tab in ThruText to guide your conversation. If you click on the title of the reply, it will expand to show you the reply. Click the pink plus button to use that reply - it will populate in the message box at the bottom of your screen. All you have to do to send your message is click the pink “Send” button.

Follow the script! It’s important to stay on message when representing Elizabeth. The script, which will change each time you text, will walk you through most of the info you need. It’s also very important to respond to what people share with us, so use the script to guide you, and add personalization to fit the flow of your conversation. Feel free to respond organically to the things people share with you, but don’t change the core content of each message.

Text for Warren, 8



We only opt-out two groups of people:

  1. Those who request to be removed from the list
  2. Anybody sending violent or threatening texts

For those who request to be removed from our list, no matter the reason, we are legally obligated to follow through with their request. Whenever someone wants us to stop texting, you should click on the “Opt Out” button in the top of the screen. Not honoring opt-out requests not only shines a negative light on our efforts, but it also creates a legal liability for the team.

Please note that the campaign loses permanent contact with people who are opted-out. It is important to only opt-out people who fall into these two categories. Otherwise we might be opting-out future Warren supporters who we’ll want to get in contact with when voting begins!

Still not sure who to opt-out? Read this guide!

Text for Warren, 9

Text for Warren, Photo 15


When someone responds that you have the wrong number, please send the ‘Wrong Number’ response that asks for their corrected information.

  • If they give you their corrected information, please write it in the ‘Corrected Name and Info’ freeform box in the survey.
  • If they do not want to give you their corrected information, please write ‘wrong number’ in the ‘Corrected Name and Info’ freeform box in the survey and send them a message saying “Ok, thanks for letting me know. Have a great day!”

Do not opt out wrong numbers unless they ask to be opted out.

Text For Warren, 10


We have a team of incredible volunteer leaders who post the instructions and the script for each texting shift in Slack. Volunteer leaders can help you answer any questions you have during your shift, help you decide how to respond to messages, mark a survey, if you should or should not opt someone out, or troubleshoot tech issues. If you have any questions during your shift, all you have to do is comment on their post and tag them using the @ symbol followed by their name!



Does ThruText use my personal phone number?

No! ThruText uses new local numbers for each campaign. No one you’re texting with ThruText will ever see your phone number.

Can I use ThruText on my SmartPhone?

You can use ThruText on the web browser on your phone, but there is no app. In our experience, though, doing it on a computer is easier!

Why am I still receiving replies after I log off?

Sometimes folks will reply to your texts way after you send them. Please keep up with your replies for at least 48hrs. You might be the only point of contact a voter has with our campaign, so please try to keep up with your conversations!

How do I log off ThruText?

You can log-off by selecting your name in the top right corner of your ThruText inbox and clicking ‘Logout’ in the drop down menu, but logging out isn’t necessary, you can just close the window!

Someone wants to get involved with the campaign, what do I tell them?

That’s great! You can direct them to where they can sign-up to volunteer, and where they can filter for campaign events in their zip code!

You are always welcome to share information from the official website or Elizabeth’s Twitter! We encourage you to share anything you find that might be helpful.

  • Plans Page - Use this to search for and share Elizabeth’s plans!
  • Events Page - Send this link to voters who ask about upcoming events in their area
  • Online Store - Send this link to supporters who would like to purchase merchandise
  • Volunteer Sign-up - Send this link to supporters who want to volunteer with the campaign
  • Online Donations - Send this link to supporters who would like to donate to the campaign online
  • Donations by Mail - Send this link to supporters who would like to donate to the campaign by mail

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Questions? Email [email protected] for help!