How to Create a Personal Fundraising Page

Getting Started

If you already have a page, log in here

  1. CHOOSE YOUR DESIGN: To get started, click on a logo below to pick the theme of your page, then login or create an ActBlue account.

  2. WEB ADDRESS: Give your page a unique name (ex. JuliaforWarren)

  3. TITLE: Give your page a title and explain why you’re in this fight!

  4. GO: Click Get Started and you’re ready to go! Share your URL (which you can find at the top of the page) with your friends and family and ask them to chip in.

  5. SEE WHAT YOU’VE RAISED: After you ask friends and family to donate, you can see how much you’ve raised by clicking “Stats” in the upper, left-hand corner of your page.

Check out the FAQ page to learn more and if you have additional questions email [email protected] to get help from our team.

Fundraising Tips

Set a goal: Set an overall goal and then ask your friends and family to chip in to help you reach it. For example, if you want to raise $250, you could ask 10 friends to donate $25. You can share this goal publicly on your page so friends and family can see your progress and how far you have to go. Every dollar is important, whether your goal is $50 or $1,000, just remember not to ask your friends to give more than they can afford.

Share a personal story: Tell people using your page why you support Elizabeth. Maybe one of her policies is personally relevant or a particular part of the campaign inspires you. Be loud and proud about why you’re in this fight all the way!

Make the ask: Don’t be shy about asking friends and family to help reach your goal. You can share your fundraising page on social media, over email, text message, or in person. After you share your personal story of why you’re in this fight, ask your friends directly if they can help contribute to Elizabeth’s campaign.

Deadlines help: Presidential campaigns set monthly and quarterly fundraising goals to raise money and set the budget for the months ahead, often before an FEC reporting deadline. You can ask friends and family to chip in before the next FEC deadline, or set a deadline of your own. Don’t forget to say thank you: Every time a friend or family member donates, be sure to thank them for their donation. Once you hit your goal, be sure to let everyone who contributed through your page know that they just helped build our grassroots movement together.