How to Make Calls for Elizabeth Warren

Thank you for phone banking with Team Warren! Together, we are building a grassroots movement one call at a time. You will need a phone AND a computer (with the Chrome or Firefox browser) to make calls with us. Our system does not support Safari.



The tool that we use to make calls for Elizabeth is super easy to navigate. Here’s how to make calls in 8 steps.

Step 1

Get your login information at

Go here:

You will need to enter your full name, email, and zip code (and click the blue button) to receive your Login ID and password.

If you’d like to continue reading this guide while you navigate our phone bank tool, open the above link in a separate window and continue scrolling!

Talking Toolkit: Image 1

Step 2

Enter login ID and password

After you’ve entered your information, you need to log in to our calling system using a Login ID and password. You can find both of these at the top left corner of the webpage. Simply copy and paste them into their respective boxes.

Talk to Someone: Image 2

Step 3

Select campaign service

Select the campaign service you want to make calls for. In most cases, you’ll see just one option.

Once you’ve picked the campaign service, make sure to uncheck the box labeled “Call using computer”. This will allow you to dial into our calling system using your phone (recommended for better audio quality).

How To Make Calls For Elizabeth: Step 3

Step 4

Dial in to our system

If you signed in to make calls with your phone you’ll be prompted to call a number and enter a pin as shown below. Simply follow the instructions on the phone to start making calls. If you are using your computer audio you will be put into the dialer immediately.

How To Make Calls For Elizabeth: Step 4

Step 5

Start making calls

You are ready to start making calls! Make sure to keep the “Resources” at the top of this page on hand while dialing.

If you want to take a break or are not ready to start making calls right away, go to the top left corner and select “Not Ready.

How To Make Calls For Elizabeth: Step 5

Step 6

Follow the script

Follow the script and select the responses relevant to the voters’ answers. The script will branch and open up to new parts of the script as the conversation continues. Reference the Call Disposition Guide so you know how to properly mark each call.

While you are on the phone, personalize responses with your story and what you love about Elizabeth Warren. (See Talking Points and How To Tell Your Story for a bit of guidance).

How To Make Calls For Elizabeth: Step 6

Step 7

Record term codes

When the call is finished, you will need to select a term code on the left hand side of the browser to move to the next call. Select if you:

  • Talked to the voter
  • Didn’t reach the voter that the dialer connected you to
  • Or if we should put the number you spoke to into a “Do Not Call” list

This determines whether the individual will get another call from the campaign (NOTE: if you only see one term code, use the drop down menu to see more).

See more about term codes in our Call Disposition Guide.

How To Make Calls For Elizabeth: Step 7

Step 8

Join our Online Call Support Community (Slack)

You don’t have to dial alone! Join our Online Call Support Community (Slack) at to find live support and important updates to our program.


If you’ve never done it before, making calls for Elizabeth may feel daunting. It doesn’t have to. Here are our best phone banking tips to help you call like a pro on day one:

  • SMILE WHILE YOU DIAL. Imagine being called out of the blue by a stranger. Wouldn’t you want it to be someone positive and amicable? That’s the attitude Elizabeth brings to her calls and the one we hope you’ll represent when making yours. Not every call will be the friendliest– don’t take it personally! Focus on the positive calls and impact you’re making with each conversation.
  • USE THE SCRIPT. It’s imperative that we all stay on message when representing Elizabeth. We don’t want to convey incorrect information or engage in unproductive discourse. The script, which will change each time you call, will walk you through all the information you need. Beyond that, don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” and direct the person to
  • TRACK EVERYTHING. The data your calls will bring in is invaluable to our campaign, so we have to make sure it’s thorough and accurate. Remember to always fill out the survey questions and sidebar questions as you move through the script. The notes section is also great for conveying any additional information from your calls to the campaign.


What if the voter asks me a question I don’t know the answer to?

That’s a-okay! Elizabeth has a LOT of plans, and we don’t expect you to be an expert. You should always be honest if you don’t know the answer to something. Let them know you’re a volunteer Remember, you can always direct the voter to

How do I end my call session?

Once a call is complete, say “Goodbye” and wait for the other person to hang up. If you hang up on your personal phone, you will be logged out of ThruTalk. You can also end the call session by clicking “This is my last call.” If you want to rejoin later, you can! Just follow the login steps above.

Can the person I’m calling see my number? No. They will see the campaign’s number calling them.

Why is it taking so long for me to get my next call?

Our program screens out bad numbers and voicemails, so that you only have to worry about talking to live supporters. If you get several of these numbers in a row, you will be held in the queue longer than another caller.

Why won’t it let me make calls?

Generally, we call supporters from 9am - 9pm local time. If you attempt to call outside of these hours (9AM-9PM local time), it won’t work. If you feel that you’re being disconnected due to an error, email [email protected] for help.

How do I engage with argumentative call recipients?

Try to stay positive and calm. Not every single call will be with someone who is All In for Warren. If you feel uncomfortable on a call, simply thank them for their time and say “We appreciate the feedback. Have a nice day!” to disengage from the situation.