How to Use Reach

On our campaign, we talk all the time about meeting people where they are at. Many of the approaches we use — door knocking, phonebanking, texting — don’t do that for everyone. There are a set of voters we’ll never reach through those methods.

We need a way to bridge this gap. We need a way to turn every day conversations into real data to help us build our universe of supporters to turn out on election day. That’s where Reach comes in.

Reach is a new type of canvassing tool. Now from any of your spontaneous interactions (at the supermarket, at your local Democratic Party’s chapter meeting, at the DMV, at the dinner table), you can directly search the voter file of our campaign, find the person you’re talking to, and record responses from that person.

This opens up an entire new realm of organizing possibility. We can meet people in real life, have great conversations, and capture that data so we can follow up with them later – like ask them to volunteer, and make sure they turn out to vote when the primary rolls around. That’s the big picture.


Step 1


If you’re on your tablet or smartphone, download the Reach app. If you’re on a computer, go to

Step 2

Make Your Profile

Enter your phone number and complete your profile. Fill out your first name, last name, and email address, and agree to the terms of use.

Step 3

Enter Reach Code

Enter the code Reach texts to you.

Step 4

Enter Invite Code

This will take you to the page that says “Join a Campaign.” Enter the six-digit invite code you were given at your Reach training, or ask one of your friends who uses Reach to add you as a user. If you need an invite code or you’re having an issue with the code you’re using, contact your local organizer or email [email protected].

Step 5

Look Up Voter

When you want to look up a voter, you can either use their name or their address to select them from the list of search results to get to their voter profile screen.

Step 6

Enter Information

As you chat with them, enter their answers to the first question, then enter their cell phone and email address - , and then finishing entering their answers to our survey questions.

Step 7

Add Tags

Click the small ‘+’ under their address to add any relevant tags – like if they’re a student, or if they need to register.

Step 8


Click “Save”.


If you’ve never done it before, using Reach may feel daunting. It doesn’t have to. Here are our tips:

  • USE IT EVERYWHERE. The most powerful thing about Reach is you can use it everywhere you go. Waiting in line to see Elizabeth speak at a town hall? Chat up folks in line! Grabbing a drink at your local watering hole and someone at the bar mentions they’re a Warren supporter? Pull out your phone! Tabling at a bus stop with other volunteers? Make sure everyone’s using Reach!
  • MAKE IT PERSONAL. Voters won’t remember an exact talking point, but they will remember a personal story from their neighbor. Data shows that conversations are more effective when both people share their personal experiences, when the conversation is a dialogue rather than a monologue, and when voters can see a clear connection between the canvasser and candidate. The quality of the conversation matters more than anything when you’re talking to voters.
  • TRACK EVERYTHING. The data your conversations will bring in is invaluable for Elizabeth’s campaign, so we have to make sure it’s thorough and accurate. Remember to fill out the survey questions when you talk to a voter. The notes section is also great for conveying any additional information from your conversations to the campaign.


  1. THROUGHOUT NORMAL LIFE. Canvassing shouldn’t be limited to pre-planned shifts. With Reach, canvassing can happen anywhere, at any time! Whether you’re in line at the grocery store, folding clothes alongside neighbors at the laundromat, or schmoozing with your Uber driver, try to Reach them.
  2. COMMUNITY CANVASSING IN HIGH-TRAFFIC PUBLIC PLACES. Street corners, subway platforms, farmers markets, Little League games, church gatherings, or even dog parks are prime spaces to connect with people. Deputize Reach users within these popular areas and have them talk to as many folks as possible.
  3. DOOR-KNOCKING. So often, when you knock on doors to canvass, the person who answers the door is not who you were expecting. Don’t let that stop you! Ask the person who answered the door if you can find them in your contact database to record their support.
  4. PHONE BANKING OR P2P TEXTING. Texting the wrong number shouldn’t mean the end of a good conversation. Just ask the person who responded to you if they also support Warren, then look them up in Reach to record their data. If someone you’re calling says, “my wife also supports Warren,” look them up in Reach and click the little house icon next to their address - you’ll see the other voters registered at their address. So you can log responses from the whole family.
  5. EVENT CHECK IN. Use Reach at the entrance to your events and gather responses from everyone who comes through the door. This is a great way to make the most out of every event.