How to Host a Phone Bank

Thank you so much for joining this fight. Elizabeth is proud to count you among her best supporters. Grassroots teams — made up of people like you — are the backbone of this campaign and at the heart of why Elizabeth is running for president.

Phone banking is a campaign staple, and one of the most important ways to help Elizabeth. It allows volunteers to gather friends, family, and fellow Elizabeth supporters to grow this grassroots movement for Elizabeth – thanks for taking the lead on this!

Hosting a phone bank is easy, and this toolkit makes it even easier! If you follow the steps in this toolkit, it should be a breeze.

You can take a live virtual training here!

Step 1

Register your phone bank

  1. Join the Dream Big, Fight Hard volunteer community on Slack. Slack is the digital headquarters for our national call program. This app can be found in your phone’s App Store for free and houses our national Dream Big, Fight Hard volunteer community. You should join the Phone Bank Hosts channel and all call volunteers must join the Call Crew channel within this community for consistent access to our call tool and its login information.
  2. Register your phone bank on our website. There are a few things to consider here:
    • Timing: we make calls every day of the week, but not on holidays or debate days
    • Make sure it’s noted that attendees will need a phone, headphones, and computer to participate. Tablets and iPads won’t work with our program. If you are in communication with local campaign staff or calling through your own lists, disregard this requirement.
    • Choose a venue with reliable wifi. We recommend somewhere with free resources, like a public library or computer lab, to maximize attendance.
  3. Submit the host agreement form.
  4. You can also take a live virtual training here!

Step 2

Invite people to your phone bank

You can make your event Public or Private. Public events are promoted on our website and email list. We recommend organizing a Public event, and we’ll help you recruit people! A Private event is just for your own friends, family, and people you personally invite.

All you need to do is think about people you know you can count on to attend – and then make sure everyone who RSVPs actually shows up. This is the moment to put on your organizer hat.

  1. Make a list of who you want to invite to your phone bank. Think about your friends, family, and fellow Elizabeth supporters you know to create your list.
    • Use the Your Network worksheet. Create a list of everyone you could invite to your phone bank and then start reaching out to everyone.
    • Use your Friends and Family Contact Sheet. Use this worksheet to track the friends, family, and personal acquaintances you invite to your phone bank.
  2. Remind your friends to come. We recommend talking to your list of friends and family three different ways (that’s what it takes for someone to really commit to something):
    • The invitation, which you’ll send over email.
    • The second invitation, to re-invite folks who haven’t responded to your invite.
    • The confirmation, a text or phone call to confirm they’re able to come.

We’ve written sample emails and sample social media to make this easy!

Step 3

Plan your phone bank

  1. Recruit

  2. Prep

  3. Day-of

    • Set out your refreshments
    • Clearly post the WiFi info in the space guests will make calls from
    • Tidy up and do any necessary furniture rearranging
    • Make sure that everyone has a phone and computer
    • Set the sign in sheets up by the door
    • Set up a laptop with the Win with Warren donation page (optional)
  4. During the Phone Bank

    • Make sure everyone has signed in by registering for your event. An hour after it’s set to end, they’ll get a text/email asking how it went – ask everyone to remember to respond to this, because it’s how we’ll know they came! (As a backup, they can also sign in by filling out the sign up sheets)
    • Have everyone log in to the dialer using this link
    • Follow your agenda to have a successful event!
  5. Final Steps

    • Fill out the host feedback form
    • Submit paper sign in sheets by texting a photo to (609) 622-4477
    • Call any no-show guests
    • Send your attendees a follow-up email

Step 4

Make an agenda

0:00 - Guests Arrive and Check In

  • Set up handouts and signup sheets right by the door
  • Have guests sign in and remind them to respond to the text/email they will get after the event so we know they came
  • Make sure they have the necessary tools – a computer and cell phone (and a pair of headphones for best practice)

0:10 - Introductions

  • Have everyone introduce themselves: What’s your name? Why do you support Elizabeth? Have you made calls for a candidate before?
  • Take a group picture with guests!

0:20 - Train volunteers

0:30 - Make Calls for Elizabeth

2:00 - Wrap Up

  • Lead a discussion: What went well? What didn’t? Who was your favorite person that you talked to? Why?
  • Make sure everyone leaves with a copy of the Next Steps

Step 5

Next steps

After the phone bank, remember to:

  • Submit your host feedback form: please fill this out so we know how it went and how we can improve things on our end in the future.
  • Submit your sign in sheets: enter any paper sign ins you received in Mobilize America and text a photo of them to (609) 622-4477.
  • Call people who missed the event: let them know they were missed, update them on the meeting, and encourage them to sign up to volunteer.
  • Send a follow up email: Thank your guests for coming with the follow-up email to keep them looped in on next steps. Include the group picture that you took.
  • Host again: if you want to make your phone bank a weekly affair, or do it another time, let us know here and we’ll set up multiple dates/timeslots on your event page.

Have some more questions? Schedule a call with an organizer here.