Texting Opt-Out Guide

Opt-Outs are a part of any peer-to-peer texting program, and this page is here to answer any and all questions about when, why, and why not to Opt-Out.

If you have any questions (not all opt-outs will be clear-cut) feel free to ask a leader in #text-team. We’re here for you! 

Why We Opt-Out

First and foremost, because it’s the law! Legal and regulatory restrictions require us to Opt-Out anyone who requests it and it’s imperative to our movement (and as representatives of Elizabeth) that we respect people if they do not wish to speak with us.

When someone specifically asks to not receive texts, we are obligated to remove them from our texting list by opting them out! When we send the Opt-Out reply, the phone number will be removed from our list.

The Basics

If a voter asks to be removed from the list, opt them out. If they don’t ask to be removed from the list, don’t opt them out. If you’re not sure, ask in #text-team!

If someone shares information like Wrong Number, who they support, or anything else AND ask to be opted-out, just go ahead and Opt-Out!

Do Opt-Out When They Say:

  • “STOP”: Can include synonyms such as “Quit,” or “Cease.” Use the Opt-Out message that makes the most sense and send it to opt them out!

  • “No More”: Can also include “Don’t text me anymore,” “Do not send me any more messages.” “No more texts”

  • “Remove”: “Delete” “Lose my number” “Take me off”

  • Anything violent or threatening. Note that this is not the same as trolling or nonsense.

We also have a select few replies that ask if they’d like to be opted out. If they say “yes” opt them out!

Do Not Opt-Out When They Say:

  • “No” Without an Explanation: A “no” in response to any initial outbound text isn’t an opt out!

  • It’s a Wrong Number: We always attempt to engage wrong numbers. If they live in the district or the state, they are potential supporters and volunteers. We’ve had some of the best voter conversations with wrong numbers! NOTE: If the wrong number ISN’T in the state, they can still be a volunteer or a supporter of the campaign.

  • Someone is a Minor: Mark them as a wrong number, and send the “minor” response from the script library!

  • “Rude/Angry, “F** Off” or Harassment”: We have replies for these people. If they continue to be rude or angry, (but don’t use any opt out language) you can stop engaging with them but please do not opt out. If you’re being harassed repeatedly and feel uncomfortable, please ask a moderator to step in. We’re here to help!

  • “Not Interested”: We have a “Not Interested” reply, it shares links and ends the convo.

  • Doesn’t Want to Talk Politics: We have a “Refuse to Discuss my Politics” Recommended Reply

  • “GOP/Independent/Trump Supporter”: We want to engage with as many people as possible and make people feel heard. We can’t do that if we opt them out before we get the chance!

  • “Leave Me Alone”/”Go Away”: These are judgment calls based on their tone. You can try the “Not Interested” reply and modify to apologize to them. You can also just leave them alone and complete the conversation (we’ve seen people say “leave me alone” and we’ve sent a modified version of one of our replies, and they’ve come back and said “so sorry for earlier, I was really busy and couldn’t talk” OR “Sorry, I was in a bad mood earlier.” It happens!

  • Invalid Numbers: If you get an auto-reply that the number is invalid, you can tag it as a wrong number in the survey data and then archive the conversation

  • “I’m blocking you” / “Your text made me vote for someone else": If someone threatens to block us, you can use the “invasion of privacy” reply, which offers to opt them out.

Remember, if you have any questions feel free to ask a leader in #text-team. We’re here to help!