Warren Accepts Jim & Margery Show Debate, Renews Call For Regional Forums

Somerville, MA – Consumer advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren today accepted an invitation to debate Republican Scott Brown on Boston radio station WTKK's Jim & Margery Show, hosted by Jim Braude and Margery Eagan.

"Elizabeth looks forward to talking about the issues on the Jim & Margery Show. She and Brown have very different visions for the Commonwealth. While Elizabeth has consistently fought to create opportunities and a level playing field for working families, Scott Brown has just as consistently stood up for Wall Street, big oil, and millionaires and billionaires. This forum will provide voters with an opportunity to hear more about their very different priorities, " said Mindy Myers, campaign manager for Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts. "It's important that as many voters as possible across Massachusetts see there is a clear contrast between the candidates in this election. That includes this radio forum and it also includes regional forums in Central Massachusetts and the South Coast."

Warren has accepted invitations to debate in Worcester and New Bedford, in order to reach the widest possible audience throughout Massachusetts. Brown has refused to participate in these debates, closing the door on voters in these areas.

"Elizabeth believes voters across the Commonwealth should have the opportunity to hear from the candidates on issues important to them," said Myers. "We hope Scott Brown will join us so that voters in Central Massachusetts and the South Coast can see where the two candidates stand on local and regional issues."

The WTKK radio debate will take place in the fall, but a specific date has not yet been determined.