The First Debate:  Elizabeth Warren Stands With Middle Class Families

Scott Brown Running — Fast — From His Record

Somerville, MA -- Mindy Myers, Campaign Manager for Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts, issued the following statement on tonight's debate:

"Elizabeth Warren demonstrated tonight that she will be a fighter for  middle class families and small businesses. On issue after issue, she proved that she is the only candidate who will stand on the side of Massachusetts all of the time.

"Scott Brown spent tonight's debate frantically and desperately running away from his record -- launching phony personal attacks against Elizabeth Warren along the way.  But his negative attacks won't distract voters, who know that far too often; he's simply not on their side.

"Elizabeth won tonight's debate hands down by doing what she has done throughout this campaign:  she talked about the real challenges facing families in Massachusetts and proved, once again, that she'll fight for them."