Sheila Bair, Republican Former FDIC Chairperson, Endorses Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate

Somerville, MA - Sheila Bair, a Republican former Chairperson of the FDIC, endorsed consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren for United States Senate on Wednesday, saying she will fight to level the playing field for working families, small businesses, and small financial institutions. 

“I have never endorsed a Democrat, but I know Elizabeth well, and I know she will be independent. We need people who are independent in Washington, people who will vote the public interest,” said Bair, who shared the cover of TIME magazine with Elizabeth, when TIME named them the new “Sheriffs of Wall Street”. “Elizabeth understands the financial system, she understands the banking system, and she understands the need for our job generation to come from small businesses. She will make decisions based on what’s right for the people, not the special interests. I believe she will do a great job for the people of Massachusetts.”

Bair joined Warren at events in Boston, Worcester, and Lowell on Wednesday, where they met with community banks, credit unions, and small business owners from Massachusetts.
“I am proud to stand with Sheila Bair, who is a strong voice for Wall Street accountability and financial reform,” said Warren. “Her leadership during the financial crisis made a real difference for working families, and I am honored to have earned her support.”
Sheila Bair served as Chairperson of the FDIC from 2006-2011. Prior to her appointment as chairperson of the FDIC, Bair taught at UMass Amherst. She played a key role in the Federal government’s response to the housing and financial crisis and worked closely with Elizabeth Warren in providing accountability during the financial crisis and in the fight to establish the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Time Magazine named both Warren and Bair among the “New Sheriffs of Wall Street” for their oversight efforts on behalf of the American people.