Scott Brown Says He Supports College Students (Except When He Votes Against Them)

BOSTON, MA -- Scott Brown once again failed the test of standing up for Massachusetts students. In a vote today in the U.S. Senate, Brown rejected legislation that would prevent student loan interest rates from doubling this year. While Brown has claimed to be on the side of low rates, his voting record says otherwise.

"Massachusetts families are well aware of the high cost of tuition, but Scott Brown doesn't get it, and he has now voted a second time to allow student loan interest rates to double," said Mindy Myers, Campaign Manager for Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts. "Scott Brown is trying to distract from his record, but the facts are clear. He voted against students and their families again today."

A few weeks ago, the U.S. Senate considered legislation that would have extended low-interest rates for college loans. The bill would have been paid for by closing a loophole that allows some high earning taxpayers [Senate Vote 89, 5/8/12] to avoid paying payroll taxes.

Today, the Senate again considered legislation to keep the rates down. And again, Brown voted against students and their families. [Senate Vote 113, 5/24/12]

Instead, he supported a Republican proposal that was doomed to fail as it completely gutted preventive health services. Brown put partisan interests ahead of preventive health services and college students.

"This is typical Scott Brown. He votes against our families and then he tries to hide behind phony and empty promises. When it came time to vote, he stood with GOP leaders, not MA students," said Myers.