Brown Crystal Clear NO on Tax Cuts for Middle Class Families, Unless Millionaires and Billionaires Get a Tax Cut

Somerville, MA – Republican Scott Brown this morning was crystal clear- he'll raise taxes on middle class families unless the wealthiest get a tax cuts. In fact, for Brown it's not even a close call. When asked directly if he'd vote to extend tax cuts on 98% of Massachusetts residents and 97% of small businesses if millionaires don't get a tax cut, Brown said, “That's easy,” later following up with “Crystal clear. No.”

Once again, Republican Scott Brown is showing where he stands on economic issues – squarely on the side of the wealthiest in America.

“Today Scott Brown said he'd vote to raise taxes on hardworking middle class families. I wouldn't do that. I don't want to go Washington to vote for millionaires and billionaires; I want to fight for small businesses and middle class families. There's a real choice in this election and you can count on me to fight for middle class families,” said Elizabeth Warren.

Today, on the Jim and Margery Show on 96.9, Brown was asked about his stance on extending expiring tax cuts (audio of segment here):

Jim Braude: Let's get back to this because it's not a hypothetical despite you having said that because it already came up. It's December 31. The only thing that is before you on the Bush tax cuts is an extension for people under $250,000, so you would be raising taxes.

Scott Brown: Yeah, that's easy. Listen, I …

Jim Braude: You'll vote no against it.

Scott Brown: Jim, Jim, we've asked…

Jim Braude: You'll vote no.

Scott Brown: I've asked, I've answered this before I got to this show. I'm…

Jim Braude: What's the answer?

Scott Brown: Crystal clear. No. Because …

Jim Braude: Which means everybody in America's taxes will go up.


Jim Braude: Here's the final thing. But you're acknowledging by voting no on that, if that what was on the agenda, you'd be raising taxes on every single American. That is the fact.