About Warren Democrats

Warren Democrats are voters, candidates, and leaders who believe in the power of bold, inclusive reform to root out corruption in government and put power in the hands of the people. 

Right now, that means working to ensure we put people first in solving the coronavirus outbreak and the economic crisis in the short term—and rebuilding our economy in the long term. 

We will not only work to re-elect Elizabeth to the Senate, but we will also support Democratic candidates who share our vision, mobilize people to support those candidates and these ideas, and continue to build the grassroots movement that Elizabeth Warren inspired.

We believe:

This crisis is urgent and a transformational moment for our nation.  We can’t wait until November to begin delivering solutions for people who are hurting right now. And our work doesn’t end in November. The solutions we advocate for now can and should have a lasting impact on our economy and our government.

America can come out of this crisis stronger than before—but only if we rally around candidates like Elizabeth who support bold solutions, rather than temporary fixes and short-term deals.

As we’ve already seen, this crisis has put a spotlight on a number of existing structural issues: how our federal government operates and who it works for, the fragility of an economy that is skewed against working people, and the importance of universal health care and paid leave not just in times of crisis, but in our everyday lives. 

We need to fight for the pandemic relief measures we desperately need today, and to make sure we elect Democrats up and down the ballot to see this crisis through for working families. We are building a powerful organizing network to do just that. 

To that end, Warren Democrats will:

  1. Help elect Democratic candidates who share Elizabeth’s vision for big, structural change and support bold reform as a response to this crisis. 

  2. Help power the fight at the federal and local level by organizing together to push for the solutions we need right now and for bold, popular grassroots economic and government reform in the months to come.

  3. Mobilize grassroots supporters to ensure Elizabeth Warren remains a powerful national voice and is re-elected to the Senate in 2024.

If you’d like to be part of this important, new work, sign up to join Warren Democrats today.

And while we understand that the current state of our economy will prevent a number of our supporters from helping power our work financially, Warren Democrats is grassroots-funded. 

If you’re in a place where you are able, please consider making a grassroots donation to power this new work for the months and years ahead.