Some big news

Our team just told me something incredible: they’ve been crunching the numbers, and we’re about to hit one million donations for our Senate re-election campaign. This news nearly knocked me off my feet. In 2012, we built the biggest grassroots campaign in Senate history – a campaign that set records with over 600,000 donations by … Continued

What the heart wants

It made no sense for Bruce and me to get a puppy. After all, I’m traveling back and forth to Washington nearly every week, and Bruce has a full-time job. We have no kids at home to help out. And a puppy is a bother – chewing everything, piddling on the floor, crying in the … Continued

What does Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination mean for Roe v. Wade? 6 things to know

Brett Kavanaugh. That’s the name of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. And now, the Court is closer than ever to overturning Roe v. Wade – the landmark ruling that guaranteed over 40 years ago that every woman has a fundamental right to a safe, legal abortion. Make no mistake: as a federal judge, Brett Kavanaugh … Continued

Here’s What I Saw at the Border

Here’s What I Saw at the Border This past Sunday morning, I flew to McAllen, Texas to find out what’s really happening to immigrant families ripped apart by the Trump administration. There’s one thing that’s very clear: The crisis at our border isn’t over. I went straight from the airport to the McAllen Customs and Border … Continued

Today is Juneteenth

Today is Juneteenth Today is Juneteenth – the annual and oldest known celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation became official on January 1, 1863, but it wasn’t until June 19, 1865 that the news arrived in Galveston, Texas. That’s right: it took more than two years for … Continued

Children in Prison Camps

Children in Prison Camps: Family Separation at the U.S.-Mexico Border Each story I hear about what’s going on right now at the U.S.-Mexico border feels like a kick in the teeth. Kids locked up like animals in cages made of fencing and wire. Others huddled together on cold metal benches and cement floor. Meanwhile, their … Continued

PHOTOS: Elizabeth Warren at Boston Pride

PHOTOS: Elizabeth Warren at Boston Pride Dancing? Check. Marching with Melissa Etheridge? Check. Fabulous feather boa? Check! Elizabeth loves Pride parades, and the 48th annual Boston Pride Parade was no exception. In fact, Boston Pride is one of her favorite days of the year — because it’s a day we all come together to celebrate … Continued


Here in Massachusetts, I love it when when people proudly come up to me and say, “I was with Jack Kennedy in 1960” or “I was with Teddy Kennedy in ’94.” The energy and passion hasn’t faded in their voices one bit – and it’s infectious. But there’s something different about the way people say: … Continued

In case you missed it

Did you see Elizabeth’s big speech? Friday night, Elizabeth and her grandson Atticus took the stage at the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s state convention – and Elizabeth officially received the party’s endorsement for reelection this November. Watch a clip of that special moment in Worcester: We’re only 5 months away from Election Day – and we’re … Continued

Your new favorite Pride shirt

Fun fact about Elizabeth Warren: She LOVES Pride Parades. The dancing, the music, the sunshine (we hope), and – most importantly – the huge, welcoming crowds affirming that love is love. Elizabeth is counting down the days until the Boston Pride Parade. And no matter where or how you’re celebrating, for yourself or the people … Continued